COVID-19 & its impact on LGBTI+ communities

Perspectives from grassroots human rights defenders

Online event
donderdag 24 september
00:00 (in English)

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Human rights defenders, particularly those that defend LGBTI+ rights, have faced increased challenges to their work, health, and daily life as a result of COVID-19 measures. Many LGBTI+ rights defenders feel unsafe in their family homes and have not been allowed to gather in the safe spaces they have created with their communities. Access to healthcare facilities for LGBTI+ people relying on life-saving medicine and treatment has been severely restricted due to the priority given to treatment of COVID-19, when this access was already limited given the stigma attached to their needs and conditions. Despite this, they continue defending human rights in their communities.

This event is a virtual discussion with two LGBTI+ rights defenders from different parts of the world, bringing to the forefront the impacts of government responses to COVID-19 on the work and lives of LGBTI+ defenders and the communities they support. The discussion will also explore solutions, examples of communities in action, and recommendations for different actors on supporting human rights defenders.

This event is hosted by Den Haag-based human rights organisations, Justice and Peace Netherlands and Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC).


Two grassroots LGBTI+ rights defenders (more information will be released soon)

The event will be moderated by Justice and Peace Security Training Coordinator, Tessa de Ryck. Tessa has years of experience working with human rights defenders from different contexts and focus issues. She supports and trains human rights defenders that are at risk in holistic security.

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