David Frum on the upcoming American elections

How can the U.S. restore democracy at home?

Online event
donderdag 24 september
21:15 (in English)

David Frum served as special assistant and speechwriter to President George W. Bush. In his book Trumpocalypse, Frum analyzes the Trump presidency from a conservative, Republican perspective. He urges the GOP to rethink its future, noting that “no two-party system can remain a democracy unless both parties adhere to democratic values, not just one”.

During the Night of the Dictatorships Frum, a journalist at The Atlantic and author, will be interviewed by Tim Wagemakers, program editor De Balie. A discussion on the upcoming American elections, the state of democracy in the United States and his book ‘Trumpocalypse’, in which he digs deep into the causes of the United States’ tragic national fragmentation. He also lays out a plan to restore democracy at home – and renew American leadership abroad. You could call it a manual for American survival

This event is a collaboration between De Balie and The John Adams Institute.

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