Exposition Voicing Borders

Den Haag - ProDemos 3e verdieping, Foyer II
vrijdag 13 september
20:30 (in English)

On the Eastern boundary of Europe, a barbed-wire fence is stretched across Georgia. It marks the territories cut off by the Russian invasion of 2008. Arbitrarily traced through the country, the line has become a cause of constant violations of human rights and international law. Its creeping movement further into Georgia has taken lives and destroyed communities over the last decade. Behind the fence, in an attempt to destroy the evidence of once resident population, whole settlements are being erased, leaving behind anonymous meadows.

In the project ‘Voicing Borders’, Irakli Sabekia spotlights the reality hidden behind the barbed-wire boundary. In an interactive installation sixteen villages that have disappeared emerge from shadows. Through a subversive transformation, the very weapon of occupation becomes a tool for voicing an objection to it. A specially designed radio transmitter attaches to the barbed-wire fence and converts it into an antenna. It acts as a radio beacon transmitting a short message in Morse code. The message states the names of the disappeared villages and their geographical coordinates.

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