Technology and Health

a paneldiscussion with Brigit Toebes, Jaap-Henk Hoepman and Oskar Gstrein

donderdag 24 september
20:15 (in English)


Since COVID-19 technological developments have accelerated. Most of our lives have moved to a digital space; work, education and even social life takes place online. To help track the virus, apps are being developed and contact investigation conducted. It is great that we have the means and technology to do this, health is after all a human right, however, so is privacy, freedom and democracy.

What effect do the technological developments have on our democracy? Are we gradually moving towards a surveillance society? Or can surveillance techniques contribute to our democracy? How can we protect our health on a global level without endangering other human rights?


Brigit Toebes, professor Health Law in a Global Context at the University of Groningen and an expert on the international standards protecting health, with a strong emphasis on human rights and protection of health.

Jaap-Henk Hoepman, associate professor computer science at the University of Groningen and Nijmegen, and an expert on privacy by design, privacy enhancing technologies and computer security.

Oskar Gstrein, assistant professor at the department of Governance and Innovation at Campus Fryslân, focusing on governance and law in digital society.

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