The great dictator: dictatorships on screen

a lecture on the portrayal of dictators and dictatorships in film

donderdag 24 september
22:00 (in English)


How are dictatorships and dictators portrayed in movies? Eye film programmer Ronald Simons selected the most remarkable scenes in film history.

From Adenoid Hynkel – a parody of Adolf Hitler – in Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator to the appearance of a Saddam Hussein look-alike as a bowling alley clerk in The Big Lebowski. A clear reference to the fact that the events in the movie took place during the first Gulf war.

Special attention will be paid to the quite unambiguous Starship Troopers, about which director Paul Verhoeven himself said, “In a film intended as a parody of totalitarian regimes, the style of Leni Riefenstahl’s films was very


Ronald Simons is a film programmer at Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam

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